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JT Foxx

“Phillip, The Next JT Foxx!” :-) JT Foxx Investor in Properties & Companies, Serial Entrepreneur & World's#1 Wealth & Business Coach.

Forest Crump

Forest Crump

"Phillip helped me complete a cash out refinance on one of my investment homes. He held my hand throughout the process and I appreciate his following to help me get the deal done efficiently. Will be using him again this year on another home. I recommend!"

Forest Crump

Than Merril

"Phil is one of the most successful and sought after real estate investors in Houston."

Shu wang from San Diego

"I spent a half day in Philip’s Cadillac last November touring two of Philip’s active STR listings, one property in renovation stage (one of Philip’s STR student property), one property in pre-listing stage, and one property in pre-acquiring stage. Even visited Philip’s management company (a truly family business). Enjoyed the private conversation with Philip on various topics from RE wholesaling, acquiring RE, renovation, staging for STR, listing, management, to financing and system duplication. Philip is an visionary entrepreneur, seasoned RE investor, operator and a family man. Highly recommend whatever he has to offer you to help you succeed in Real estate!"

- Shu wang from San Diego CA

I have always been interested in Real Estate. I would go to seminars. I would read all the books I could get. I read free Ebooks. I did different courses. I just never had real connection and support. I was trying to figure out things on my own. I tried to do it for over 3 years alone. I just needed someone to show me who has experience questions that I had. He gave me some direction and support. All I have to say is 35 days after I have 10,000 in my account. Finally someone with real one on one experience. If you listen to him you will make money. I am thankful that I met a great mentor,coach and awesome friend. Thank you Phillip!

- Raul Holguin


I had spent last year trying to sort through all the information available for getting started in real estate investing. With all the information and misinformation out there, I didn't know where to start. I was left confused. I signed up with Phillip Warrick on August 5th and closed my first deal on September 7th. In more than 12 months of figuring things out on my own I made nothing, but in just 30 days with Phillip we made $8,000.00. This is the real deal and I recommend it to anyone considering real estate as an avenue to generate income. I know that the $8,000.00 we made is helping me...TREMENDOUSLY. How would $8,000.00 help you in your life?Chances are a lot. Opportunity only knocks so many times before its hands get tired and it goes away. So ANSWER THE DOOR and I will see you next time I am at the bank!

- Jared Hopkins

Feed a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and He will eat for a lifetime. This is a 90/10 rule to life. Real estate investing is the same way. For every Phillip Warrick out there, there are 9 other real estate investors that think they know how to invest in real estate and want to teach you their undeveloped techniques that they have copied from someone else. Do you want to be mentored by a seasoned professional Real estate Investor? Do you want to be educated by a mentor that has been investing in real estate for half of their lifetime? Let me tell you, I have personally invested in real estate for 13 years now. Phillip had only been investing for a few years. I consider myself very well educated in real estate investing, however, I still run deals past Phillip to see if he has any perspective to add that I have not taken into consideration. Phillip has spent over $100,000 in real estate coaching and mentoring. There are truly only a few legitimate real estate investors that do mentoring in Houston market. Phillip is one of them. The very first deal I did with Phillip was short sale. I profited $27,000 at the age of 24 on that one deal alone. What you may not know, is that I made two very expensive mistakes investing that put me back a few years. If I would have had the mentoring with Phillip only a year sooner, I would have never made those two very common mistakes.

- Eric Bourque

Realtor, Houston Texas

Clifton Saunders

"Very awesome individual, not only professionally but personally. He did an awesome job on my sign, and not only did he do it fast, he gave us a better than expected product! He gets a Thumbs Up from us! We will be using him again in the future. Thanks "

VP of Mortgage Lending/Branch Manager NMLS#230688 at Guaranteed Rate NMLS#2611 August 24, 2013, Clifton was a client of Phillip’s


My husband and I have invested with Texas Home Savers for just over one year now. From the very beginning it was a stress-free and enjoyable experience. All of our questions were answered in a professional and timely manner. Everything we were told happened just as explained from notification of investment property details to the on-time payments. We would highly recommend THS whether you are selling, buying or investing with them!

- Richard & Kathie S.

What makes Phillip's training head and shoulder above other Real Estate (RE) training is that Phillip is a successful RE doer who made me into one as well. Before Phillips I had attended RE investing seminars for years, which generated desire to invest in RE but no action. After Phillip in the first week he helped me purchase a good investment home within my budget and time goals. In three months, he and his team rehabilitated and staged the home. Now in month four, again thanks to Phillip and his team, my first investment property is self-sustaining. The rental income is covers the mortgage and expense and thereby freeing up my original funds to buy another RE investment! This would not have been possible without Phillip Warrick and his team.

- Lois

Phillip Warrick Thank You, one of the tools I have in my Real Estate Box is the investing tool Thanks to your mentorship!

- Ac Martinez
Michael Simpson - Phillip Warrick Testimonial

Michael Simpson

"Phillip has mentored me for the last three (3) months as I began my journey into real estate investing. During this time, he has done a great job listening to what my goals and aspirations are and helped me develop an actionable plan around those goals. Furthermore, Phillip helped me to identify my first investment property and walk me through the process. Being new to this business, I was unfamiliar with unconventional financing worked (e.g. hard money lending). Phillip walked me through the process and provided referrals and feedback for different hard money lenders. Additionally, prior to placing an offer on the property, Phillip provided guidance on rehab and estimating costs, which was extremely helpful when estimating my returns. Lastly, due to an incorrect survey, the investment property ended up being about 200 square feet smaller than what it was listed at. We didn’t find this out until after the house was under contract. Phillip was instrumental in not only helping me navigate this major issue on my first investment but was critical in negotiating the seller down from the previously agreed upon price. Phillip definitely knows the business and I would highly recommend him as a mentor."


Coach Paul Kazanofski

🔮Serial Entrepreneur
🎤International Speaker
🏘️ Real Estate Investor
🤝 Real Estate Coach

Hugh hilton

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director at Alvarez & Marsal Capital Real Estate, LLC

Brendon Burchard

High Performance Coach Brendon Burchard is the world’s #1 high performance coach, a 3-time New York Times bestselling author, and one of the most-watched, quoted, and followed motivational speakers in history

Dean Graziosi



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