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Become Wealthy, Quit Your Job or keep it if you chose, And Be FREE! I Did It. YOU Can Do It." THE SMARTEST,
FASTEST, ABSOLUTE BEST, Way To Get Started In Real Estate. Period.

Perhaps you have asked yourself this question before:

"Self, why do I not have vast mountains of hot, sweaty, sexy cash?

"No doubt your self answered you back with something to this effect, "because you're just not lucky" or "because that's for other people - not you" or "because your parents were poor" [so were mine, preachers and Missionaries don't get paid well] or even better... "

because you're ugly." Thanks a lot, Self. Our selves are our worst enemy and if we are to have any success whatsoever we must begin telling our selves who's boss in this land.

The first thing we can do to reclaim our lives for the true champion selves that we really are is to start asking better questions.

We might better ask, "Self, how can I get vast mountains of hot, sweaty, sexy cash?" See the difference? The former focuses on the negative and the latter on the positive.

Whatever you ask yourself ... you will get the answer. Start asking yourself every day, "What can I do to become the smashing success that I know I was born to be?" So long as when you ask this you have tapped into the true subconscious "you" who will never lie to you but will always guide you along the correct and most prosperous path, you should hear something back along these lines ...

Hire Phillip Warrick as your personal real estate investment mentor, coach and partner.

Do it now. Go. Right now. Do it.

Now let's not kid ourselves friends; there are times when you should NOT follow your heart. It will get you into all types of trouble on occasion. Luckily for you and I ... This is not one of those times. You need to listen to the True You on this one and get on the path that leads to the mountain. That's right - The Mountain of Hot, Sweaty, Sexy Cash.

I'm already playing on this mountain. So are my friends. It's a fun mountain; believe me. It's better here. We all run around with wheelbarrows full of the stinky cash and toss it around. We make big salads out of it and eat it for lunch. Heck, we even roll around in it and make money angels just like we used to do in the snow when we were kids. It's awesome.

We burn cash for the fun of it here. It's hot. It's sweaty. And it's sexy. What more do you want?


You will seldom improve your situation if you have no one to copy but yourself! Why? Because yourself ... Is an idiot!

The TRUE Secret To My Success

I attribute probably 100% of my success to all of MY favorite mentors in real estate including my business and wealth coach and partner JT, whose biggest service to me was showing me what is truly possible wholesaling houses, flipping houses, holding and selling houses on air bnb investing in real estate and business and helping others. I would've never thought what I'm doing was possible had I not personally witnessed it in his life with my own two eyeballs.

They all do the same exact thing I will be teaching you to do and make millions of dollars per year. 

Sound impossible?  Well then that's your first hurdle - Stop believing that ANYthing is impossible ... Because it's not. Heck, he's been doing that since he was twenty EIGHT.

You Wanna BE A Millionaire? Start ASSOCIATING With Millionaires.

All my friends roll like this. They're all young millionaires or millionaire "minded" on their way to the top. You need to surround yourself with these types of people if you hope to experience success for yourself. "He who dwells with the wise will be wise" so goes the proverb. It could be restated with just as much truth as "He who dwells with the prosperous will be prosperous." This is a time proven principle; whoever you hang around - you will become.

Ever notice how you inevitably start picking up all the weird sayings, terminology, and antics as your best friend? Just happens almost automatically doesn't it? Hhmmm. I wonder if we pick up their bad habits and attitudes as well.. Absolutely.

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The More Successful People You Are Exposed To, The More Successful You Will Become

Phillip & Brendon Burchard

Phillip & Dean Graziosi

Phillip & Brian Page

Phillip & Ron LeGrand

Bottom line - Hang around losers who talk about how much the real estate market sucks and you will soon find yourself broker than a dork who sits around and talks about how much the real estate market sucks.

Hang around me and MY friends ... And you will soon find yourself flipping houses like flap jacks on a Saturday morning before cartoons and making what I like to call "SEXY CASHOLA". Sounds like a cereal that mixes cash in with granola for a sexy breakfast treat. Yum. I want seconds.

Team Freedom is making money no matter WHAT the market is doing!!!!!!!!!!


If you see someone doing something you currently cannot do, they simply
know something you don't know! Pick up a book, and don't be a dunce :-)

Speaking of books, one downside is you can read all the books you want and attend all the seminars in the universe, but without personal guidance and support from someone who is already doing what you want to be doing every single day like me... You will have a very difficult time. I know I sure did.

One thing I teach my students is

"Less work ... More money."

Sound good to you? Darn sure better unless you’re some sicko that actually likes work because he has nothing better to do with his life. I don’t know about you, but I wanna LIVE. I wanna GO PLACES. I wanna HELP PEOPLE and BE AVAILABLE for those I love. I wanna GO TO THE BEACH and just FLOAT AROUND IN THE WATER taunting SHARKS and other fun stuff like that.  I can do so because my time is spent on working on my business and not in it.  I focus 90% of my time on the 10% that matters the most and delegate the rest.


Don't taunt sharks!

Are You An Experienced Wholesaler, Flipper, Landlord Investor, STR investor Looking To Take It To The Next Level?

Now you may not be a newbie. You may be an experienced investor who would like to take your game to the next level.

Back to my previous point: You can spend all you want on education ... But you need to learn directly from someone who is successful. I spent five years trying to figure out the real estate game before I actually completed a my first deal. I read books, attended seminars, made offers, talked to everyone I could about real estate. But it wasn't until I came under the wing of a VERY successful real estate investor in an apprenticeship-type relationship (very similar to the one I will be providing you with) that I finally started making money. And boy did I start making money.

I was able to quit and sell my business almost immediately after starting to work with my newfound "coach". I made $50,000 my first month! Sound like a lot? Shoot, I've had one of my students make $60,000 his first month!

So anyways - I went on to make something around half a million dollars in cash and equity my first year as a full time investor and wholesaler. Which leads me to a question you may be asking yourself -

Self, Just What IS a Wholesaler Anyways?

A real estate wholesaler is anyone who buys or contracts on real estate at low enough prices to where he can quickly re-sell either the house or the contract for a wholesale price leaving room for the buyer to fix it up and sell for profit. And we ALWAYS leave lots of room for the next guy. That's what keeps us in business (another free tip. I'm charging from here on out). So in a nutshell, we track down motivated sellers of real estate, make low offers, and then once we have secured a good deal we then sell that house or contract for a profit.

It's not rocket science by any means but it does take some effort and education to be successful at (just like anything else).

Ok, enough chit chat. I've said enough.

So here it is. Pay CLOSE attention because this is NOT like a regular "coaching" program ...



Phillip Warrick Flip Your Way To Financial Freedom

My All-New Exclusive
V.I.P Apprenticeship Program

What It Is NOT:

Classes, seminars, workbooks, homework, weekly phone calls, etc ...

What It IS:

A one-on-one apprenticeship/partnership with Yours Truly for 12 months. We are basically just doing business together.

What You Get:


You Had Me At "Disclaimer". I'm Ready To Apply. Please Pick Me!

Is There Anyone Who I DO NOT Want In This Program?

Yes. I do not want to work with one single negative person. Life is too short. I simply do not allow stressful people in my life. Neither should you. If you are skeptical, get outta here. I simply don't care. I have plenty of money as it is.

@$$h@le$ need not apply!

If you're a jerk, go kick your cat, argue with your neighbors, WHATEVER. Just leave me out of it. I don't want a single sour minded person on this exclusive team. Are you mad at the world? Fine. Maybe you have good reason to be. But I'm here to help! Not to serve as your punching bag. And I punch back, so it wouldn't even be really great for you anyways.

Anyway - if you really do want my help, are determined to achieve financial freedom, and can be nice and friendly in the process willing to do whatever it takes then...

There ya have it. There's No better way to get started in real estate - PERIOD. Heck, if I had it to do over I would've paid FIFTY to a HUNDRED thousand dollars to have access to the coach/partner I had. There is no WAY I could've got such a quick start in real estate without one. No WAY. And he didn't do HALF the stuff I'M going to do for you (no discredit to him in any way of course. It's just that he and I did not have a formal mentoring relationship like you and I will have).

Friends, don't just take my word for all this (although if you really want to you can and you'll still be on your way to The Mountain).

Who ELSE Wants To Make Boatloads of Cash In The Next 30-60 Days??

Why am I still reading? Sign me up dang it!

I absolutely love all my students and take very good care of them. Heck I even give them a lot of my own leads to work on once they know what they're doing.

Here is what a typical transaction will look like for you:

  • You get an incoming call from some of the super cheap marketing that I've instructed you to do.
  • You will fill out a simple lead sheet that I have given you up front.
  • You tell the prospect, "Great. I'll look into this and get back to you right away."
  • You then email that lead sheet to me and I take it from there and give you step by step next step guidance. How easy is that???
  • I then look at the deal, tell you what makes it good or bad, tell you what we need to offer or why we need to pass on it, help you write up the contract, and literally walk you through every step of the deal until we have sold it and made at LEAST $5,000 (or as much as $50,000 or more) which we split at the time of closing.
  • The title company will send or wire you your 50% of the deal directly

We do enough of these deals and you will have made a LOT of money and learned an industry in the meantime.

I look forward to working with you and being used by God to help you realize the success that you were put on earth to achieve.

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Disclaimer: This is a limited availability VIP Apprenticeship program. I do not work with just anybody, and I reserve the right to deny any application for mentorship according to my parameters. DO NOT apply until you have read through terms, price, and condition. If I receive an application from you, I am assuming you are ready to act, wire the fee and will be joining me NOW. Capice?