Phillip Warrick Started learning about Real Estate investing in high School back in 1997-98.  He bought his first home study system from a late night infomercial called nothing down real estate by Carlton Sheets.  One day while trying to make that program work by calling seller leads out of the newspaper a lady asked him if he was reading a Carlton Sheets script and he felt like he got caught.  That was one of the best things that ever happened, she was nice enough to recomend the Real Estate Investment Club in Houston and that is where his journey began.  He was able to flip his first deal, a mobile home in a trailer park and bought his first single family house in 2001 at the young age of 21.  Since 2001 he's been involved in over 300 real estate transactions from quick flip wholesales, short sales, subject to, owner financing, lease options, buy fix and sale, rentals and everything in between.  He has continued his journey in learning from others and regularly attends Real Estate Training workshops multiple times per year.  He's now a student turned teacher and loves mentoring others to financial freedom and help them get started in real estate.