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Phillip Warrick's Daily Affirmations


I'll have to admit I'm usually naked for this..... and Lindsey might kill me later but

Do you have daily affirmations?

Do you speak to your subconscious mind positive intent, daily affirmations and positive encouragement to yourself?

or do you just listen to the negativity.

I believe everybody should have a set of daily affirmations that they read out loud every single day.

I was asked today, do I have daily affirmations?

so I'd like to share mine with you today!

My hope is that this video will encourage you to do and create the same for you.

Also I'd like to share that Some of my favorite moments in life are when I hear my kids and my wife speaking these same truths to themselves and to me. I promise, we all have this memorized like a song and I'm always always inspired to live a better version of myself after my daily affirmations.

I love you guys!!!

Now go make it a great day!!!

Change the world with your positive energy.

Share your affirmations in the comments below.

Videos welcome